William's Home Page

A collection of activities to help enrich mathematical learning.

All use simple materials.

Shapes and Patterns made from Paper Circles


Geometrical Activities with Magic Paper

Making and learning from shapes created simply from A Paper

Window Patterns with Geometrical Shapes 

Overlay paper triangles, kites or rectangles to make Stars


Where There Are No Instruments

Using Books to construct shapes on the blackboard


Geometrical Activities with a piece of String

Using String Figures in Mathematics

A Simple Number Generating Device

Making a number roller from a strip of card

Multicultural Mathematics

Activities with closed loops; Rangavalli, Drami

Beadwork Mathematics

Linking number work to African Bead patterns

Match Mathematics

Puzzles, games and investigations with matches and matchboxes

Simple Calculator Activities

Where there is one calculator per class


Activities with Squared Paper

The Sierra Leone Project



A Folding Paper Puzzle

Pebble Puzzles

Developed for Mathematics classes in the Solomon Islands


If you use any of these ideas it would be great to hear from you

wmgibbs at easynet.co.uk