Tangram -  6 pieces


Here is how to make a 6 piece Tangram from the standard matchbox.


First squash the matchbox flat. It should make a square.



Then draw the two diagonals of the square.



Cut out the Triangle ABC.


This should open to give a square.






The two pieces you have made should now open out to look like this;













Draw the lines DF and EF using the existing creases to guide you. Cut along DF and EG.


Also cut the square piece in half along JK.

Now you have 6 pieces;

4 equal triangles and two “chevrons”, a small one and a large one:












These will be the 6 pieces that make up your Tangram


Puzzle 1

Now use the 6 pieces to make


A Square                       A Rectangle                  A Parallelogram


An Isosceles Trapezium                  A Right angled Triangle


Puzzle 2

Now use all 6 pieces to make these shapes