Tangrami  Square  S

Puzzle - A paper folding puzzle

All you need to make the Tangrami Square puzzle

is a square piece of paper.

Sides of 20 cm give a good size which is easy to

handle but you could make it much larger or smaller.


To prepare the paper fold it to give the creases shown here.

Make sure the creases are crisp and fold each crease

forwards and backwards.

This makes the paper flexible.




Warm up Puzzles

To start you going here are some simple shapes that you can fold from the square.



Harder Puzzles

Now here are some symmetrical concave polygons that you can create from the square. You will need to use “tuck in “ folds. All shapes are shown the same scale as the original square.









      Original square






Just as with the traditional Tangram it is also possible to create picture shapes. If you create some new ones please let me know.


The Boat                 The Bird






Pattern Puzzle


Using the same square as before,

now colour part of it black as shown here:




Now see if you can fold up the paper to give a square

(a quarter the size of the original square) with these












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